STEAM Camp 2019
July 29-31

Students worked with Mrs. Duffield to understand how to make ice cream in a bag using salt to lower the temperature of ice so whipping cream becomes a solid. Frozen ice cream was welcomed by all on our hot summer day!!  Campers also made bread in a bag. Kneading and correct measuring skills was practiced while understanding how yeast is used as a leavening agent. 
Mrs. Kunde offered to the campers how to make an electrical circuit.  Campers created an electrical circuit using copper, light(s), and a battery.  Students created a poster with the light shining on it.  Campers also created an object using 3d pens.  Campers created an object and then took their electrical circuit knowledge and applied it to their 3d pens objects to "light it up"! 

Campers made butter in a jar -it took LOTS of muscle- and enjoyed the butter on their bread from Monday. The lesson on leavening agents continued. We experimented with baking soda, baking powder, and yeast in chocolate chip cookies. It became clear what we should use in making cookies and why. After examining shape, taste, and texture- students said, use baking soda in most cookies.