About Our Team
The Midwest Warriors is FIRST Robotics Team 3300, of Ortonville High school in Ortonville, Minnesota. It was founded in the fall of 2010 when a state contact got ahold of our public school. The team consists of twenty 7th-12th graders and four mentors.

About Our School
Our school is located on the border of Minnesota and South Dakota. Our school attendance is approximately five hundred kids (K-12). The Ortonville School District offers a variety of basic classes to more advanced classes such as college-level programs.

About Our Town
Ortonville is located in the "bump" of western Minnesota. It has a population of 2,100 people.
 The main thing that attracts tourists is beautiful Big Stone Lake and the quiet, secluded area.

Link to STIMS (student members login and join team 3300)