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Ortonville Foundation

Creed:  "Excellence in Education", is our commitment to those whose donations make the work of the foundation possible.

The Ortonville School Foundation is a non-profit tax exempt entity that was formed to provide a means of support for the Ortonville School through donations by the many friends,patrons, and graduates of the school district.  Your donation helps to ensure that the students of the Ortonville School continue to get the best education possible.  Your donations can be designated toward the endowment fund or for certain projects including building and playground improvements.

The foundation is not a part of the Ortonville School District.  It is an entity unto itself that exists to provide a means of enhancing the educational programs for students at the Ortonville School

The Foundation Board includes representation from alumni, parents, school board, current faculty, former faculty, and business.  They make the decisions on how your gifts are used.

The Endowment Fund is like a savings account.  Endowment gifts are invested and never spent.  Only income earned from the original gifts are spent in a way that benefits our students.

The Project Fund is like a checking account.  Both the principal and income are spent to maintain and enhance high quality and educational experiences for our students.

Why make a donation?  This is an opportunity for you to give back some of the investment your parents, your school, and your teachers made in you.  When we look back over our years, we can say that, yes, our school and the education we received paved the way for our successes in life.

 Ortonville School Foundation 

-       Would you like to ensure that the students of the Ortonville School continue to
   get the best education possible? 


-       Are there certain building or program improvements you would like to see for 
  the Ortonville School?


-       Would you like to designate the Ortonville School as a beneficiary in your will?  


-       Would you like to honor someone by sending a financial memorial to the
   Ortonville School?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, or would just like more information about the Ortonville School  Foundation, please contact: Kristopher Evje, Superintendent at (320) 839-6181

Ways to Donate:

 -      Bring your contribution to the Ortonville School District Office. We will do the rest.
 -      Ask your bank if you can set up an automatic monthly payment to the Ortonville School    

-       Designate the Ortonville School Foundation as a beneficiary in your will or living trust.        

-       Honor a friend or a loved one with a memorial gift in their name.

Donation form can be found here.

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Alumni Newsletters

December 2019

Two Organizations Merge to One

Two local organizations with a common cause recently both voted to perform a merger. The Ortonville School Foundation, also known as the A+ Foundation, voted at their June Meeting to merge with the Ortonville Alumni Association pending a vote of their membership at their annual meeting in August. Then at the August Annual Meeting of the Ortonville Alumni Association, their membership also approved the merging of their organization with the A+ Foundation.
On September 21st a joint meeting of the two boards occurred at The Pizza Ranch in Ortonville where a new organization was formed which will be known as The Ortonville School Alumni Foundation.
Members of both boards were asked to continue on this new board to plan the future of the new Foundation. Plans are still in the works for the future of this Foundation, but one important component will be the tax deductable status of any donation given under the 501 C 3 umbrella provided by our affiliation with the Southwest Initiative Fund.
Any and all donations made to the Ortonville School Alumni Foundation will remain with the Ortonville Public School and the funds will be allocated by a vote of the board of directors. Currently there are two project funds: the Playground Project and Scholarships. Donation can be designated to one of these project funds or it can be applied to the Endowment Fund, which once completely funded, will provide interest each year for expenditures.
Anyone interested in making a donation may do so by sending a check to the Ortonville Public School; 200 Trojan Drive; Ortonville, MN 56278. Please indicate Alumni Foundation and if you have a specific area it should be applied to.